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Wednesday has been Archery day for about 3 years now. 15-20 people from different Centres in East Lothian come along. The group meets at Meadowmill Sports Centre with qualified and experienced instructors running the group. People with a whole range of abilities come along and we concentrate on making archery fun as well as helping them to shoot arrows well. Sometimes we get to shoot at balloons for prizes, the prize is you get to blow up another one! We also run fun competitions every couple of months with a trophy for the best individual score and the best Centre score. Everybody enjoys meeting people from the other Centres and the social interaction and meeting up for a blether is part of the groups function. For some more than others a blether is the purpose of the group.

Just about to let one go!... and then it's gone.

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Look out! He's aiming at you!

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Don't mess boys!