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This group meets every Wednesday morning. We try to do something different every week and if it can be something topical so much the better. Before we get down to business we relax and enjoy ourselves, meet our friends and catch up on each others news, all over a refreshing cup of coffee or tea. So far we have done some cooking and baking. Always popular as we then need to sample the end results. We also believe in self expression through art and crafts and have produced a number of original masterpieces in paint, wood and clay. Our creations can be found in homes up and down the country from Port Seton to Prestonpans. But not this weeks sample, it was all scoffed in seconds flat. We made humous, guacamole, salsa, with toasted pine nuts, tortilla wraps and dippers. mmmmm...mmm.

Get the Ingredients

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Mix em up

sensory awareness 4 sensory awareness 5 sensory awareness 6

Eat em up

sensory awareness 7 sensory awareness 8 sensory awareness 9

Wipe it up

sensory awareness 13

Write it up

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