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W.H.A.L.E. stands for Wester Hailes Arts Learning/Education

This organisation in the west of Edinburgh houses many activities and learning education courses one being ART ATTACK. A group of men and women travel each week from Port Seton to attend. A college outreach group run by a tutor from Telford College. The group is a mixed ability group and each individual can work seperately on a project of their own or within the group structure. Service users have in the past had two exhibitions, one in the Princes Mall in Edinburgh for mental health week. The other for International Womens Day.

Service users are introduced to using many types of arts and crafts materials such as clay, stone, tiles, silk prints, plaster, papier mache and wire. The art group is so flexible the list is endless and this is one of the reasons service users enjoy the activities so much. At the moment service users have chosen a subject matter, then taken the design through a drawing or printing phase and are now transforming and fabricating their subject in to a 3D structure. As an example one of the service users is designing and creating his own dragonfly.