DayCentre Programme Planning 2010 DayCentre

As part of our programme development everybody gets together and decides what groups to keep and what ones to ditch. All the voting and banter takes place on one day and any new suggestions are put forward for our new programme. In this instance it's our summer programme being discussed. This year we also used purple and yellow stickers so that folks could either vote for (purple) or against (yellow) the proposed groups. Tomorrow we try to create a new summer programme from the information gathered. Watch this space.

Today the team collated all the votes and the new groups and built the new summer programme from scratch. The next phase will involve everyone choosing the groups they want to take part in. Due to the numbers and limits on busses, staff and venues etc there may need to be a bit jiggery pokery but it all should work out in the end. Watch this space for the last and final installment in the next few days.