Geoker Ball Walking Geokers 2014 - The Kelpies Geoker Ball

Every now and again we have a rest from the geocaching and try to get out and about and discover something or somewhere new just for the sheer fun and excitement of it. Well, the walk from the Falkirk Wheel down the canal to the Kelpies for us was just fantastic. It was really good to see the minature (if 9ft is minature) versions of the statues at the wheel but they don't really prepare you for the real thing down at the Helix Park. Most def be back in the summer months, transport permitting. I think that horse in the last picture has it's eye on someones hat. You know what would be just great? A day trip along the canal by barge from one t' other. Hope you enjoy our pictures and if you get a chance it's worth the visit. Please visit the links for more information if you plan to visit.

The Kelpies - This site is by Andy Scott the artist who designed the kelpies and has some magic pictures.

The Helix - This site is more about where the kelpies are and what to do when you get there. Good for planning your trip.