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Who knew there were owls as wee as a sparrow? Well, we do now after a great day out to the Scottish Owl Centre. There are absolutely loads of owls of all different sizes and colours and some of them are really hard to spot as they hide away or sit stock still in their cages. The more massive ones just hang about on their perches giving you the once over, probably eyeing you up as potential supper. During the talk and display the owls get to fly about without making a sound and skim over your head. This is great and very exciting, everybody was on the edge of their seats here. The talk is very informative and gives you a good break down of the centre and it's important work in owl preservation (no, not owl jam) and owl education. Well, they are very wise. Check out the link above if you want to discover more. The covered packed lunch area came in handy on the day we were there. There is a cafe and some folks used that. The park and grounds around the centre are also worth a visit in their own right. Great place, great day out.