Stand Up Paddle Boarding - Week 1 - 2017


Brilliant day out again this year thanks to the skills and comedy routine provided by Beyond Boundaries in the shape of (or out of shape of) Steven A.K.A. Big Steven. There were some new faces this year as well as some old die hards from previous escapades. It was nice to see some faces from Fisherrow taking part this year as well as a posse of spectators down for the comedy angle. You're Welcome, we try to please.

You might be able to tell from the pictures but the Stand Up Paddle Boarding started out OK-ish with some bright spells but then we got struck by some apocalyptic biblical rain. There were waterfalls bouncing of the storage containers and I couldn't actually see where I was paddling due to the rain in my face. Absolutely Magic!! Thanks for organising that Steven. As you can see, the day ended up with a beautiful sunny patch and I do believe there may have been a bit of post prandial snoozing on the lazy boy just to finish the day off. If anybody has pictures during the down pour, send them in and I'll try to include them here. Cheers.

Just got some new pictures from Fisherrow so here they are here. Enjoy.