danger - electric shock Aberlady 2019 - Electric Fence Day danger shock

The Aberlady Rangers had arranged for a few volunteers to come down to Aberlady Nature Reserve and lend a hand dismantling and re-installing the electric fences. These are used to coral some sheep that will be appearing shortly. I thought it was to keep the deer off some of the yound sapplings but no. The sheep, with their grazing should help to increase the biodiversity around the reserve. Should be nice to see more animals around. Anyway, as you can see, it was a wet day but we were well prepared. All dry and toastie in our waterproofs our chief electtrical fence operative helped as much as he could. Best day ever I think. What a mixture. Water, electricity, and fencing. Can't be improved in some folks opinion. Sorry we couldn't stay longer but had to rescue some other less fortunate ramblers.