paintedlady Painted Lady Butterfly Visit 2019 paintedlady

Here's a run of coincidences from the past few weeks. First, a few weeks ago, there was a BBC documentary about the longest butterfly migration on Earth from Morocco to Britain and even further north. The butterflies don't make the complete journey in a oner but over a few generations as the spring/summer progresses north. Great, worth a watch if you are interested. Next, Chris Packham is on the box a few days later reminding everyone about "citizen science" and the Big Butterfly Count. This could be another once in a decade appearance of the Painted Ladies coming to Scotland. Get involved in the citizen science if you can. Anyway... a few days later, what should come drifting and dancing in to our wee garden at Port Seton but none other than... a painted lady! It was obviously in need of some sustenance as it didn't matter how many folks got in its way or gave it a fright it just darted away and danced right back straight to feeding. Its wings look a wee bit tattered but after all that shadow boxing around us and the journey it's been on I'm just gonna let that slide and enjoy the memory.