Geoker Ball Walking Geokers 2019 - Seacliff Geoker Ball

What a day! or as it turns out, what a couple of days. First, down at Seacliff, which as you will know by now is just one of the best places, beaches, views, lunch spots, you name it, you can find anywhere. Freezing cold, clear air, and a great walk. As you walk round the bend in the road on the way down to this magnificent beach thevista just opens up in front of you. All the group were stunned by the blue sea, crashing white waves and the cutest wee harbour. Time for a scramble about on the rocks and sand. On the way back from the beach we met up with some horses on their way down for a paddle and canter. Wish I could join them. We also met a sort of pony and trap out for a wee trot. They stopped for a blether and offered us a ride the next time we are down visiting. Must get in touch and take them up on that. A great thing about this group is we get out and about in some glorious places so I've added a few pictures at the end on our walk up the Innocent Railway and back through Holyrood Park. Magic days. Unfortunately, not a geocache to be found but we will persevere elsewhere.