Geoker Ball Walking Geokers 2019 - Yellowcraigs Geoker Ball

Here's some pictures from the walkers/geocaching group who spent a couple of weeks heading down to Yellowcraigs. The first week we walked from Yellowcraigs to North Berwick which was just a fantastic day and a great walk. The tide was half out so it was easier walking on the harder wet sand than walking on the golden soft sand which is always a bonus for our group. The views are stunning and there is only one semi difficult obstacle like rocks and uneven paths when you get near to North Berwick. Result. The second week we decided on a shorter wee route through the forests and dunes and back along the coast past the lighthouse island (Fidra). The main purpose though was to spend some time playing on the swings and rope climbs. A very popular pastime. Great group, great days, great time. Thanks.