Geoker Ball Walking Geokers 2020 - East Links Geoker Ball

The Geocachers / Explorers set off for an explore along the East Links / Dunbar coast. After many warnings and worries about the impending rain and cauld blast from the sea we all wrapped up warm with jackets, hats and gloves. Loads of tissues. Walking double quick time to keep warm. Still think I need to get one of those wee hand warmers for my pocket. Anyway, got to the end of the Links where the wee burn comes out into the bay and... Blue skies everywhere. Could actually feel some warmth from the sun, pretty good shelter from the wind too. Really nice to have a sit down break and relax and chat with the group. Those with wellies even had an excuse for an explore up the burn. Lovely. No geocaches in the vicinity but we sort of knew that on the way there.